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March 25, 2013
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Anu and Inanna - love and sex by talfar Anu and Inanna - love and sex by talfar
Капризная правнучка (Ану и Инанна). Нинхили Амаги. Пленники субботы или Трахнуть Машиаха!
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Momentum7 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014
I wish you had spanish/english translations :(. The art is amazing :)
EnkiLilstA8411 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 16, 2014  Professional Artist
I knew , she is a BITCH 

 awesome work :D (Big Grin) 
ndg1996 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
This is wonderful, I'm jealous!
DazInABlender Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I highly recommend the book Inanna/Ishtar by John Whitaker. It includes this scene and others. Inanna's one of my favorite Anunnaki - and not just for her sexy good-times. I believe she's the very same goddess that we Americans call "Lady Liberty" because of her accomplishments of promoting human freedom and introducing capitalism (free-market style, not the modern croney capitalism) to the world.

Inanna was an accomplished pilot. I know it seems anachronistic to see a jet flying over a brand new ziggurat, but the Anunnaki were humanoids - and real people - from another planet who came to Earth in spaceships. They weren't actually gods, they were simply god-like in their capabilities in the eyes of the primitive human.
talfar Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Professional Writer
Thank you, that support dialogue!
Alas, I have not read the book Inanna/Ishtar by John Whitaker. Please put a link to download it! I'll read it with pleasure.

We live in the 21-st century , so it is high time we call a spade a spade. It is high time to admit that the "virgin" birth of Jesus was actually cloning and artificial insemination, and the Virgin Mary has acted as a surrogate mother! Now, our doctors can already repeat this "miracle" in any clinic .
It really reminds you of the gospel is not the plot of the book "The Cuckoo of Midvich" on which filmed the movie "Curse Village Midvich"!? .. There is also described "the immaculate" conception that has occurred in all childbearing women of the village after contact with a UFO, that's just instead of one Jesus was born several dozen small aliens!
In the biblical book of Exodus describes in detail the UFO that flew over the flock of Jews and gave them valuable advice where to go and how to live! And in the book of the prophet Ezekiel also describes "the chariot of the Lord" - a strange aircraft that could revolutionize NASA engineers who are interested the book. And another UFO abducted prophet Elijah !
About Inanna still want to say it in common with Jesus, their total "miraculous " resurrection from the dead. Only an idiot like Emelyanov , does not see the obvious parallels between the Gospel and the myth of Inanna's descent into Irkallu ! In fact, this myth , like the Gospel, tells the story of a true story! There is no "miracle" in the resurrection of Christ and Ishtar is not: it is - a scientific reality, the result of high alien biotechnology that us earthlings , are not yet available.
And the Sumerian goddess, and the Christian God stayed dead for about three days - and their bodies were subjected to rigor mortis and even started to decompose. But then both of them have recovered messengers Enki (which in Sumerian myth called kurgarru and galaturru , and in the Gospel - the angels ) . As it is revived ? Apparently, under the "water of life" refers to the injection of an aqueous solution of some of the drug , developed by Enki. It was a powerful medication that can re-enable the metabolism , triggering processes of life in the dead body. And by "grass- life" apparently means a medicinal plant extract, which was also part of this drug. That's how I explain the resurrection of Inanna - kurgarru and galaturru just made her an injection of the desired drug.
Details of the resurrection of Christ in the Gospels are not described , but given the fact that it also belongs to the race of Dingir and is closely related to Enki ( is his nephew, being the son of Enlil ) , it certainly revived the same way: by injection or drip . That's all the "miracles" . Uncle Enki still not capable of such!..

DazInABlender Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist…

I think you'll like this, too. This is what opened my eyes to the bigger picture of what's been going on in the universe.…
Spriglief Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Can you explain the jet flying over the city? The temple, is that a window, painting, or a computer monitor?
JohnnysDream Featured By Owner May 28, 2013
your artwork is incredible!Of course there is one major problem and its a very typical one.And that is,what in the universe makes you think the anunnaki were white people?
StarryMary Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
She probably didn't want to shade them, it might give the picture an off kind of feeling since everything is either black or white.
JohnnysDream Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013
could be
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